An American sitcom was created on November 30, 2015, created by Justin Spitzer, entitled Superstore broadcast his last episode on March 25 of this year. Fans of the sitcom have been saddened to know that they would not see the beautiful characters on the screen for another season.

He shows that the America Ferrera and Ben Feldman as head; They were also the executive producers of the series. Its story revolved around a group of workers from a chain store of large fictitious boxes called Cloud 9. The show had a score of 58 out of 100 on Metacritic, about 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, and is loved by fans of whole world.

But the show is over

If you were a fan of the sitcom, you could not think of spending your time without the characters and the breathtaking narration on the life of the workers; This is quite understandable. But what happens if we tell you that there are other shows that you would like to watch if you were having fun watching Superstore. Yes, you read that right; If you liked the show, here are some recommendations.

Kim’s convenience

This spectacle, like Superstore, focuses on the life of the man working in America. The show tells a story about a Korean family – Canadian, their family dynamic, their immigrant experience and the difficulties they face when they run a small business, a convenience store.

Brooklyn Neuf

Like a comedy like Superstore, this show is super fun without being mean in any way. If you liked the love story of Amy and Jonah, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a pretty central love story between a Latina character Amy and her Jewish colleague.

Error and test

The show is a series of false spokes on a New York lawyer who ends up defending the strange to East Peck, a fictitious field with very strange laws. Each season of this show concerns a new case. For example, in the first season, it is a case of murder, John Lithgow, in a character of a teacher who is tried for the murder of his wife. Although the show is finished, you can dig there, and we bet that you will like its intrigue and that you will miss a little less.

To party

This show focuses on a group of caterers who dream of working in Hollywood. They serve appetizers during chic festivals, and the characters are hilarious and somewhat odious; Although their lives seem zero, the life of the rich guests they serve are not better.


The revolutionary NBC series, The Office is a perfect show to start your fan of the American working life scenario. The show focuses on a paper company called Dunder Mifflin; Michael Scott heads the scranton branch.

The boss makes workers his friends rather than simple employees and thus offers bizarre ways to spend more time with them. Again, the pretty office romance between Jim and Pam won the hearts of viewers several times. It’s still another love story like Amy and Jonah de Superstore

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